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Liver Test
Liver Test

Liver Test

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The liver takes up drugs and toxic substances from the blood and renders them harmless. It produces proteins, including enzymes and blood clotting factors, helps maintain hormone balance and stores vitamins.

The liver home blood test includes:

Alanine Aminotranserase (ALT)


Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP)


Gamma GT

Globulin (calculated)

Total Protein


A simple blood test using a finger prick to assess liver function and look for indicators of liver disease.

One of your body's most vital organs, the liver performs a variety of duties, including breaking down food and turning it to energy, eliminating waste and toxins, and producing and regulating hormones. Excessive food consumption, alcohol usage, and viral hepatitis can all cause your liver to become inflamed and eventually destroyed. Although your liver has incredible regeneration abilities, if inflammation has resulted in scarring (cirrhosis), liver disease is permanent. Different enzymes are measured in blood tests, and if they're elevated, it might mean your liver is inflamed.

Is it suitable for you?

Do you keep hearing about the growth of fatty liver disease and wondering if it may impact you as well? Do you use more alcohol than is suggested and have a limited number of alcohol-free days? Do you just wish to be aware of your liver's health so that any abnormalities may be identified early? This finger-prick laboratory test is ideal if you want a quick and economical approach to monitor your liver function.

What does this test do?

The liver enzymes gamma GT and alanine transferase (ALT) are measured in our Liver Blood Test to determine how effectively the liver is working and whether it is inflamed or damaged. Excessive alcohol, drug (including prescribed and over-the-counter drugs), or calorie consumption, as well as viruses like hepatitis, are the leading causes of liver damage. Because liver damage can be reversed in its early stages, it is critical to recognise indicators of liver damage early on. Because it is possible for liver enzymes to seem normal when the liver is inflamed, it is critical to preserve your liver by leading a healthy lifestyle and avoiding excessive alcohol intake.