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Testosterone Test
Testosterone Test

Testosterone Test

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Testosterone plays a role in red blood cell production — which is important for energy. It also helps maintain your mood, muscle and bone strength, sex drive, and fertility.

Testosterone home blood test includes:

Free Androgen Index




Why to do a testosterone test?

In males, the primary sex hormone is testosterone. Its role in males is to sustain sex desire, muscle strength and bulk, bone density, and a proper body hair pattern. Erectile dysfunction and decreased sexual desire are the most prevalent signs of testosterone insufficiency. Other effects include hair loss, decreased beard growth, mood swings, decreased attention or motivation, and weariness.

What are male hormones?

Testosterone is the most common male hormone found in the blood. This male hormone has a variety of impacts on the body. Testosterone, for example, helps to maintain body composition and haemoglobin levels, which transport oxygen throughout the body. Suboptimal testosterone levels, on the other hand, will result in decreased libido and weariness.

The most frequent biomarker is total testosterone, which comprises both bound and free testosterone in the body. The bulk of testosterone is attached to sex hormone binding globulin, a transport protein (SHBG). So, if you know your total testosterone and SHBG levels, you can compute free testosterone.