Vegan Test
Vegan Test

Vegan Test


Vegan home blood test includes: Vegan B12, ALP, Ferritin, Iron, Folate, Vitamin D, FBC

A vegan diet has several health benefits, but if not properly planned, it can lead to dietary shortages. Our vegan health blood test can reveal if your body is deficient in certain nutrients.


Why check your nutrient level?

Although following a vegan diet has numerous health benefits, plant-based diets can leave the body deficient in crucial nutrients due to the lack of animal-based meals. Vegans are especially vulnerable to vitamin B12 and iron deficiency since these nutrients are taken mostly through meat and dairy products.

Our vegan blood test at home will examine your levels of essential nutrients, as well as vitamin D and folate, so you can make the required changes to improve your health.

A vegan lifestyle may put one at risk for vitamin deficiencies

Even though a vegan diet is thought to be healthier than others, animal products still contain some minerals that are essential for our health and wellbeing. Although there are plant sources of these nutrients, they are not always as effectively absorbed as those found in meat.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the most prevalent deficits in vegans. Because vitamin B12 is only available in animal-based foods, vegans must supplement their diet. This is especially significant because vitamin B12 is required for red blood cell synthesis and optimal brain function.

Iron deficiency is also a concern for vegans. Haem and non-haem iron are the two forms of iron available. Non-haem iron may be found in plants but is poorly absorbed by humans, whereas haem iron can be found in animal products, particularly red meat. As a result, vegans have a higher risk of anaemia. Our vegan blood test determines the level of ferritin in your blood, which indicates whether or not you are iron deficient.

Vegans may also suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Despite the fact that the majority of our vitamin D comes from sunshine, there are certain dietary sources of this essential. However, animal sources of D3, the form that is easily absorbed by the body, include egg yolks and fatty fish. Calcium, like vitamin D, is a nutrient that vegans are at danger of lacking because dairy products are a key source. Vitamin D and calcium are both necessary for healthy teeth and bones, as well as proper muscular function.

Our vegan health home blood test will provide you with a clear, scientific understanding of what your body may be lacking, allowing you to take steps to better.