Sports Performance Test
Sports Performance Test

Sports Performance Test


Sports performance test includes: Testosterone, FBC, Folate, Iron, Ferritin, Vitamin D, B12, Magnesium, Urea, Creatinine


Our most sophisticated finger-prick sports test, which examines key indicators for athletic performance such as testosterone, free testosterone, prolactin, and estradiol.

Is it suitable for you?

Do you wish to undertake a full sports performance test at home? Would you prefer to avoid having to see a nurse or go to a clinic? Or maybe you have to maintain a social distance? With this test, you can keep track of key performance indicators from afar.

What does it include?

Our Advanced Sports At Home Blood Test was created to provide an in-depth look at the markers that influence performance without the need for a blood test at a clinic. This test looks at the health of your liver and kidneys, as well as your iron levels, vitamins, muscle health, inflammation, and cholesterol levels. The performance-related hormones testosterone, estradiol, prolactin, LH, and FSH are also included.

This test is done at home using a finger-prick collection kit, and the results are given online so you can watch your progress without having to schedule a nurse appointment or visit a clinic.