Covid Antibodies Test
Covid Antibodies Test

Covid Antibodies Test


A blood test for coronavirus antibodies to track your antibody levels over time. It's a CE-certified finger-prick kit, so you may collect your sample in the privacy and convenience of your own home.


Is it suitable for you?

The amount of coronavirus antibodies in your blood is determined by this test (not only whether you are positive or negative for coronavirus antibodies). It's important for those who have had coronavirus or have been vaccinated and want to track their antibody levels over time, as well as those who want to know if they've ever had a coronavirus infection. It is unable to distinguish between antibodies produced by infection and antibodies produced by immunization.

Its unclear what amount of antibodies confers protection to the coronavirus, or how much prior infection confers immunity against future infection.

What does it include?

A new laboratory test that analyses the amount of antibodies in your blood is the coronavirus antibody home blood test. The Roche Anti-SARS-CoV-2-S coronavirus antibody test is what it's named. This test may be used to track your antibody levels over time and record your own unique reaction to the virus or vaccination.

Your result will be measured on a scale of 0.4 to 2,500 units per millilitre (U/ml). A result of less than 0.8 U/ml indicates that the lab was unable to detect antibodies in your sample. Antibodies were found if the result was greater than 0.8 U/ml, indicating that you have coronavirus (or have been vaccinated).


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